-Re-textured parts of SGC by Cyrus Jackson
– Fix Editor Display name of “Red jaffa Leader” to “Red Jaffa Leader”
-Fix Added sga_jaffa_black ,sga_jaffa_black_serpent_guard_open, sga_jaffa_black_serpent_guard_closed, sga_jaffa_black_leader, sga_jaffa_gold, sga_jaffa_gold_serpent_guard_open, sga_jaffa_gold_serpent_guard_closed, sga_jaffa_gold_leader to cfgpatches to show up in ZEUS mode.
 -Fix All Variants of Jaffa Uniform will now show in the Loadout /Arsenal
 -Fix Add Random Faces to Medieval Units
 -Add to SGC – Card Reader object to one elevator wall entrance (non functional at the moment, future use of working elevator)