-Add: Zat’nik’tel -Add: Zat’nik’tel and ammo to all Jaffa -Fix: When Staff is Open or Closed it shoots a bullet -Fix: When staff weapon hit CUP bushes it slowed down.

It has been a while… Update has arrived!

-Add: Very Early Inventory System. Use: Shift+I to access. -Add: Include Server Key File -Fix: Staff Weapon flashing white when turning on. -Fix: Staff Weapon causing units not to react using the setunitpos “UP” and just pointing the staff in air -Fix: Display name “Static Staff 1” to “Static Staff Cannon 1” -Fix: Display name…

Steam Update!

-Add Egypt Ruin Column -Add Egypt Ruin Wall -Add Sarcophagus

Uniform Update!

-Added Desert, Blue, and Red Uniforms to the SGC Soldier. Thank you Kinch for creating them!

SGA Main Menu Update

-Changed to full screen. -Added Scene for Altis(Can be viewed by exiting from altis in the map editor to main menu) -Requires Stargate_Waugh_Lord now.


-Added Egypt Ruins Temple -Added Egypt Ruins Temple Rock Debri -Added Egypt Ruins Gate -Added Egypt Podest  

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