• Tel’tak


Map Editor Location:
Flyable: OPFOR – Goa’uld – Air
Static: Props – SG Static Ships – Tel’tak static

Driver of the tel’tak gets cloned and added to the driver seat of the ship interior.
Its the only way i could be in 2 places at once. Once the driver leaves the Tel’tak, the clone gets deleted.
Engine sound is added to the ship interior to get the effect of really being in side the ship. 
Added a screen to the Pilot and Co-Pilot windows with a camera added to the Tel’tak – gives the effect of you moving in side the ship and seeing where you are
If the Tel’tak gets destroyed, the interior blows up as well.

Player Interaction/scripts:
– Pilot
– Co-Pilot

Known Issues:
– none

- teltac_heli
- SG_teltak_static

WarLord (Converted from Garrys Mod Carters Pack: https://github.com/RafaelDeJongh/cap/wiki)

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