• Jaffa Forehead Marks

Jaffa Forehead Marks

Map Editor Location:
Any Jaffa Unit – Unit specifics

All Jaffa have a mark on their foreheads signifying the Goa’uld to whom they are in service. For most Jaffa, the mark is simple black ink. However, higher ranked Jaffa can be given more ornate, ostentatious tattoos. Jaffa in high standing have been known to be marked by a silver tattoo (for example Fro’tak), and the First Prime to a Goa’uld are given the gold embossed mark of their respective god. These tattoos are applied by cutting into the flesh with an Orak knife and pouring pure molten gold or silver into the wound.

Player Interaction/scripts:
– Choose predefined symbols from Unit specifics, see picture 1 or
this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "sga_jaffa\data\tat\anubis_ca.paa"];
Change anubis_ca.paa with one from picture 2
–┬áCustom Jaffa marks can be used with:
this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "img\NAME HERE.paa"];
– Change "img\NAME HERE.paa" with your personal Image file located in missions folder

Known Issues:
– none

– none

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