G.D.O. Aka the Garage Door Opener, is a device used to send a code through the gate to identify the team coming through, to open the iris.

First we must setup the GDO Codes and Team Names.

The following are the default names and codes already given if none are assigned.

Team SG-1 has the code 123 and SG-2 has the code 456

Following code shows how the default codes are assigned

GDO_TEAMS = ["SG-1","SG-2"];

GDO_CODES = ["123","456"];

Code can be no longer then 8 numerical characters in length (0 through 9)

Team name can be no longer then 5  numerical-alpha character in length and must be all capital letters  (A through Z) and only the symbol - can be used.


GDO_TEAMS = ["SG-12","SG-17"];

GDO_CODES = ["12345678","012"];

Sg-12 has a code of 12345678 and SG-17 has a code of 012.

How to use:

First obtain a GDO by picking one up.

Can be placed on the map using the Eden editor.

Located on the editor at:

or you can add one to a unit’s SGA  Inventory automatically by running the following code or placing it in the unit init: 

0=[this,"GDO"]execvm "\sga_inventory\useradditem.sqf"

After getting your GDO, access the SGA Inventory in game by holding “Shift” and “I” at the same time.

This will bring up the SGA Inventory and select “Inventory” on the left. The select the GDO on the right and it will bring up user options and description of the GDO.

You can then either select “Use” button at the bottom or by double clicking the GDO in the right list. Which will now bring up the GDO interface.

Next, enter your code up to 8 numerical digits 0-9 then push the round enter button to send.

If code is correct the gate with the SGC computer on the other side of the active wormhole will display the code and team name on the monitors and open the iris.

Quick Code Reference:

Assign GDO Teams GDO_TEAMS = ["SG-1","SG-2"];  
Assign GDO Codes GDO_CODES = ["123","456"];  
Add GDO to units inventory 0=[this,"GDO"]execvm "\sga_inventory\useradditem.sqf"  
Bring up GDO interface 0= createdialog "sga_gdo";  

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