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Stargate ARMA

Milky Way StarGate

Map Editor Location: Props–Stargate Gate  Objects – Gates

Features:  Chevron & Inner ring  animations  ( are in conjunction with the SGC  Gate Computer ), WormHole  video , Chevron lights,Travel script

Player Interaction/scripts: Gate Addresses ,

How To Use : Place a Stargate and DHD as shown  in the picture below on a map. In a different location on the same  map place another Stargate and DHD. Select the gate address you want  as  shown  in  the picture 2   

Travel script: option on gate to allow a script to  run when unit is transported
Brings in variables UNIT being transported, and DESTINATION GATE.

in a script you can use   params ["_unit_traveling", "_gate_traveling_to"];
so if you wanted to check says its a malp
check once the unit gets through the gate by comparing the distance    if((_unit_traveling) distance (_gate_traveling_to)) < 5)


Authors:  Icecoolwrx



Predefined Gate Addresses (Numeric Values – Use DHD key above )

“Gate Name”,  6 Symbol Address, Origin

  1. “Abydos,27,7,15,32,12,30,6”;
  2. “Alaris,4,29,8,22,18,25,6”;
  3. “Apophis,3,39,16,8,10,12,6”;
  4. “Beta Base,26,2,6,24,10,32,6”;
  5. “Chulak,9,2,23,15,37,20,6”;
  6. “Cimmeria,11,35,22,17,6,26,6”;
  7. “Earth,28,26,5,36,11,29,6”;
  8. “Edora,28,24,7,9,15,3,6”;
  9. “Ernest,27,7,15,32,13,30,6”;
  10. “Euranda,30,27,9,7,18,16,6”;
  11. “Juna,29,8,18,22,4,25,6”;
  12. “K_tau,18,2,30,12,26,33,6”;
  13. “Kheb,26,35,6,8,27,14,6”;
  14. “Martin,24,12,32,7,11,34,6”;
  15. “Oaness,4,29,10,17,36,25,6”;
  16. “Schnappi,8,22,14,32,16,19,6”
  17. “Tollan,6,33,27,37,11,18,6”;
  18. “Tollana,4,19,8,22,18,25,6”;
  19. “P2X555,28,8,16,33,13,31,6”;
  20. “P3X118,9,26,34,37,17,21,6”;
  21. “P3X562,3,28,9,35,24,15,6”;
  22. “P3X595,38,28,15,35,3,19,6”;
  23. “P5C353,27,20,15,26,12,30,6”;
  24. “Vorash,38,9,28,15,35,3,6”;
  25. “P5C353,29,5,36,6,23,20,6”;

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