-Added, USAS12 Automatic Shotgun
-Added, SGC Modern Soldiers : Wood USAS12, Olive USAS12, BLACK USAS12
-Changed, SGC Modern Soldiers editor name scheme from “Weapon-Color Uniform” to “Color Uniform-Weapon”
-Added, Grey Jaffa Leader
-Fixed, All regular grey Jaffa from having cape
-Changed, Editor Names of Jaffa to Grey Jaffa, Jaffa Pilot to Grey Jaffa Pilot,Serpent Guard Closed to Grey Serpent Guard Closed, and Serpent Guard Open to Grey Serpent Guard Closed
-Added Eden Preview images to SGC Modern Soldiers
-Added Eden Preview Images to all Red jaffas, all Black Jaffas, and Grey Jaffa Leader
-Added Eden Preview image to PJ2-445
-Added Eden Preview images to Medieval units
-Fixed Jaffa, PJ2445, and Medieval units config for hitpoints (Works with ace now, no more hard to kill jaffa and more well balanced jaffa armor)
-Lowered explosion camera shake effect of staff blast
-Lowered Staff explosion smoke effect

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