Symbiote poison script and demo mission  


Waugh Lord
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27/06/2017 8:20 am  

Author       =   Waugh_Lord
Date         =   12/06/17
Version      =  0.1 Alpha

Description  =  This script is to simulate the Symbiote poison from the TV show StarGate SG1 .
                           Once released it will kill all Jaffa in a certain radius unless it has tretonin in its system
                          The symbiote poison is a chemical compound designed to attack Goa'uld and Tok'ra                              symbiotes.
                        Composed of two liquids, when mixed together, they create a deadly gas that causes                                almost instantaneous death to the symbiote.
                        While not fatal outright to the host, the dying symbiote will automatically release a                                 toxin   into their host to kill them.


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